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Fantastic Framing has seen a considerable amount of success in the past. But during the Covid, the business saw a boom. What started as a single man’s attempt to pay his way through school has become a successful yet growing business. Preceding the launch of their Brisbane store, Fantastic Framing’s founder, Avi Efrat, sat down with Emily Macdonald of the Wentworth Courier to talk about the secret behind how he was able to grow such a successful business.

According to Avi, Fantasy Framing has seen a 70 percent growth each year for the past four years. He also believes that the business will see a new high, as the company is on course to record an annual increase of 75 percent in 2022.

Avi Efrat attributed this growth to the training he got while serving in the special force unit of the Israeli army. He said discipline, courage, and flexibility that he learned during his service allow him to function at the maximum level when in an uncomfortable situation. 

He believes that this, more than anything, has been the driving factor behind his growth.

While celebrating his growth, Avi was also sympathetic with his fellow business owners, who were not seeing as much success in their business, primarily due to covid.

He believes that these entrepreneurs are too stuck in their ways to make the changes required for their business to grow. According to him, Fantastic Framing’s success is due to adaptation and innovation. He was, however, hopeful that they, too, would find their way to business growth.

Avi believes that the growth of the business is also due to the various ways they have and keep investing in the business. Fantastic Framing Invests 5-8 percent of their total profits back into the business through advertising and optimising their online presence.

Avi also said that a significant game-changer for his business was their e-commerce platform which, in addition to industry collaborations, generates about 50 percent of his total business. According to him, it would be a game-changer for other entrepreneurs, too, and he is hoping the government will aid them in making the much-needed switch.

Avi Efrat and Fantastic Framing have framed various artists’ art pieces and have contracts with the art marketplace Bluethumb and Greenhouse interiors.

If you are close to their stores, you should visit them and check out their services. Their newest store is on New South Head Road in the Old Framing And Art Matters premises. And please look out for their Brisbane store.

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