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Fantastic Framing is considered one of Australia’s best home and interior decorators. Since its inception, they have provided framing services for many notable artists in Australia. And they always take great delight in introducing these amazing artists to Australians who love art. 

The number of art exhibitions and gallery openings has increased, notwithstanding the coronavirus pandemic. This is good news for art lovers and collectors as there is no better time to purchase new art pieces for their collection. To help with this, MUM CFOs worked with Fantastic Framing’s founder, Avi Efrat, to decide which art pieces were suitable for different spaces.

While sourcing and selling artworks, Avi fell in love with the world of art. When the demand for ways to showcase artworks became intense, he founded Fantastic Framing, a mobile and storefront framing business. Together, they pushed forward three artists with different motivations and mediums for their art, but who have greatly influenced the art world.

The most crucial thing they pointed out about choosing a piece of art is the need to love it. Other important factors to consider are the size of the room and personal style, tone, and theme.

Together, they went ahead to curate a list of artists who produce art pieces that are at the cutting edge of Australian art.

They grouped Martine Vanderspuy and Shazia Imran as artists whose art has global influences. Martine makes resin art inspired by her love for the sea. She has perfected using resin to create photorealistic works of art that depict the ocean’s mood. Martine boldly captures the effects of light and water. According to her, she is trying to convey the multitude of perspectives the sea is capable of showing.

Shazia Imran, who has won multiple awards for her art pieces, is recognized for her dynamic mixed media pieces that investigate the spiritual and emotional themes behind familiar architectural settings and the organic. Her inspiration comes from her travels, and using this inspiration, she creates works of art that juxtapose landscape, memory, and the subconscious.

An artist towing a completely different path from the two mentioned is Alejandra Sieder. Her art pieces are an exploration of her consciousness, and so each piece of art feels different. Her work describes how the human consciousness responds to different situations. She uses oil, sand, ink, acrylic, iron shavings, and resins as her medium.

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