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Step-By-Step Guide: How To Stretch Canvas

Learning how to stretch canvas is a part of every budding artist’s journey. Not only... [Read more]

Easy & Secure Framed Canvas Hanging Solutions

The art of hanging a framed canvas is as essential as the art itself. A... [Read more]

Exploring The World Of Framed Canvas Painting

Framed canvas paintings are a great way to showcase art in your homes or at... [Read more]

A Comprehensive Guide To Custom Picture Frames

Most people view framing as an afterthought, an often overlooked final touch to a meticulously... [Read more]

Common Canvas Stretching Issues & Solutions

As a necessary part of an artist’s process that creates their work surface and affects... [Read more]

Choosing The Right Blank Canvas With A Frame For Your Project

In this guide, we will explore the pros of using a blank canvas with a... [Read more]

Professional Canvas Stretching Service

For some artists, the act of stretching canvas is not just a practical skill —... [Read more]

Expert Craftsmanship: Custom Framing Services

Have you ever had a special piece of art or a photograph you wanted to... [Read more]

Fantastic Framing On The Australian Financial Review: ‘Don’t be a punching bag’: small business jumps the wage-rise gun

Avi Efrat, the founder of Fantastic Framing, has once again proven that he is dedicated... [Read more]

Avi Efrat On Smart Company: A Small Business Owner’s Tips For Tackling Rising Inflation

Inflation is on the increase in the country. In fact, the country is facing the... [Read more]

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