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A Guide to Custom-Framing Art


Walk into any museum and every piece of art will have one thing in common – They’re all framed. Aside from offering protection, frames add a whole new dimension to a piece of art. Everything from the material of a frame to the size can enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. Whether you have many art pieces in your collection or have just a few, custom frames are your best option to give them the best treatment possible. Here is a guide to custom-framing your art.

Choose a Frame

Let’s start with one of the most important aspects – The frame. You can certainly hang a piece of art by itself, but without a frame it would look unfinished. The frame you choose is incredibly important, as it needs to not only complement the picture but also the room that it is hung in. 

There are different types of frames available. Floating frames offer a great way to beautifully display any work of art. These types of frames provide extra space around the canvas, and give the impression that the piece inside is floating. This visual detail adds a three-dimensional depth that other types of frames are unable to match.

Choose a Material

Next up is the material of the frame. There are many different materials and styles to choose from when custom framing an art piece. Floating frames as described above can be made of different materials, such as metal and wood.

Metal frames in gold or silver provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, while wooden frames bring more warmth to an art piece. Which material you choose ultimately comes down to your personal preferences. The key though is to choose a material that complements the piece of art.


Choose a Mat

A mat is a thin piece of paper commonly used for paper artwork instead of canvas, and has both decorative and protective functions. Placing a mat around an artwork prevents it from touching the glass and enhances its visual appeal by making it the main focus.

Mats can be customised in different colors and materials to best suit the art piece. There are three forms available – Paper, alpha-cellulose, and rag mats. Papers Matt's are the most cost-effective, but the edges can deteriorate over time. Alpha-cellulose mats are made from wood pulp fibers, which are chemically treated to eliminate acids found in paper mats. Rag mats are made from cotton and thus never deteriorate, but cost more.

Choose a Glass

The last component of a picture frame is the glass. There are different types of glass available with different levels of protection.

Ideally, you want to choose glass that blocks UV rays to protect your art from sun damage. This type of glass also prevents glare from light. Plexiglass is a more cost-effective option and is actually more lightweight than regular glass.

Custom Frame Your Art Today

Want to make your art really stand out? Then get in touch to have your art custom framed and enhance its aesthetic appeal. We offer same-day Custom Framing in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. This means you can have a unique piece of art custom framed in no time at all. Choose from a variety of custom frames to get the exact look you want.


Author’s Bio 

Alex Morrison has worked with a range of businesses giving him an in depth understanding of many different industries including home improvement, financial support and health care. He has used his knowledge and experience to work for clients as diverse as The Wood Tech Group, Cosh Living and Me Bank to help them reach their business goals.

4 Cool Ways to Frame Your Holiday Photos


The best part about travelling is taking in the sights and immersing yourself in a new culture. Naturally, you want to take photos to capture those moments. That way you can relive those moments each time you look at them and even have amazing stories to share when you have guests over.


You have selected a few of your favorite photos from your most recent holiday and had them professionally printed. Instead of simply putting them in a photo album, why not frame them instead? Framing personal items like holiday photos lets you easily hang them on the wall and protects against damage. It also adds a more personal touch to any part of your home.


If you are looking for creative ideas on framing your photos, you won’t have to look any further. Here are cool ways to frame your holiday photos.

Put Them in Floating Frames

One of the best ways to showcase your holiday photos is to put them in floating frames. These unique frames are named because the extra space between the canvas and the frame gives the impression that your photos are “floating”. The effect gives it a more museum-quality appeal.


The floating frames themselves can be made of wood or metal depending on your aesthetic purposes. They also come in different sizes to house the photo inside it.

Have them Custom Framed

Ready-made frames are convenient for a number of reasons – They are available in an array of sizes and you can typically pick them up from any photo store. But what if you can’t find the exact style or the correct size you want? You would have to compromise or cut your photos to fit the frame.


Ready-made frames limit your options. A much better alternative is to have your precious holiday photos custom framed. That enables you to get the exact look you want without having to make compromises. Another added benefit of custom picture framing is that you can personalise each one to complement your space.

Make a Photo Collage

You only have so much wall space to display your holiday photos. But sometimes it can be difficult to pick a few photos to frame, especially when you have dozens of them that each capture special moments.


Creating a photo collage offers the perfect solution. Instead of limiting yourself to framing one photo, you can make a collage that brings together different photos. Then you can have a custom frame made for it so you can reflect on those moments each time you look at it.

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are simple way to add style and personality to any space. They are also a great way to beautifully showcase your holiday photos. The frames you use don’t have to be the same size or materials. Instead, use frames of different sizes and materials to create an eye-catching gallery wall


You can also try experimenting with rearranging the frames to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. Something else to consider is the decor of your home. If you have white walls, then using frames made of traditional wood or modern metal can help your photos stand out even more.

Get Your Holiday Photos Framed Today

Cherish your holiday photos by having them professionally framed. If you are looking for a reliable framing company, we have you covered. Get in touch with us today for mobile picture framing solutions that are delivered straight to your home.


Author’s Bio 

Alex Morrison has worked with a range of businesses giving him an in depth understanding of many different industries including home carpet cleaning, financial support and health care. As the owner of Integral Media, he is now utilising his knowledge and experience with his rapidly increasing client portfolio to help them achieve their business goals.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom Framing


The majority of people associate custom framing with personal photographs. But, custom frames can also be used in business settings. Aside from enhancing the visual appeal of your images and artwork, professional framing can help build trust between you and your clients or customers. 


In this article, we’re going to give you four reasons why your business needs custom framing. We’re also going to have a look at the benefits of custom framing so that you can make an informed decision for your workspace. 

The Benefits of Custom Framing

If you want to hang photos, art, or any other pieces on your walls in your workplace, it’s important that you opt for custom framing. By doing so, you can personalise each frame to complement your space. This also gives you the chance to align every aspect of your workplace with your company’s branding. 


Furthermore, a professional framer has the right tools and the adequate experience to create high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Instead of fading, your art, photos, and qualifications will be protected by the quality materials that your custom frames are made of. 


There are various reasons you should have custom frames to hang items on your walls at work. Here are four of the most important ones:

Decorate Your Office

Do you have beautiful artwork or photographs up in your office? If so, it’s important that you complement these with the right custom frames. This level of detail and perfectionism will make a great first impression with your clients. 


It is this attention to detail that will highlight your brand’s commitment to quality in both your presentation and the service you offer. If this isn’t enough, it’s worth mentioning that a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing workplace can also increase productivity

Hang Staff Pictures

Your staff are your biggest asset. They are the glue to your company’s foundations. Hanging their photos on the walls in your workplace will show that you are a team player. It will also allow your clients to familiarise themselves with the company they are employing. 


By hanging these photos in custom frames, your images will look more professional. Moreover, you will be able to choose the material and colour of the frames, thus aligning them with your company branding. 


Highlight Your Qualifications

Trust is the stepping stone to building a successful relationship with your clients. And, how better to build trust than to showcase your qualifications and achievements on the walls of your workspace. You can also hang old testimonials to show prospects that you care about your relationships with your clients. 


You want your clients to see you like an open book. Moreover, you want them to find you and your company impressive so that they hire you. While you can hang these in matching, cheap plastic frames, getting them custom made will further accentuate your professionalism. 

Showcase Your Portfolio

Instead of only hanging artwork, staff photos, and certifications, why not showcase your business portfolio? While not applicable to all industries, the walls in your workplace are the perfect place to show clients what you’re capable of producing. 


Whether you’re a car manufacturer, hairdresser, or graphic designer, hanging images from your portfolio on the wall is a great way to inspire your clients. But, when hanging professional images on your walls, it’s important that the frames match the quality of the work you are showcasing. With this in mind, custom framing is your best bet. 

Get Custom Framing for Your Business Today

Custom framing is essential if you want to make a good first impression with your clients. This level of attention to detail will emphasize your professionalism while also giving you a more aesthetically pleasing space to work in. 


Do you need help choosing a reliable framing company? If so, contact us today and our team will be happy to guide you in the right direction.  

Author’s Bio 

Kym Wallis, the founding director of Higher Ranking has over 15 years of advertising sales, digital strategy, and business development experience. He is currently working as Digital Adviser 

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Picture Framing for Professional Family Photos

Professional family photographs may not be as common as a few decades ago. But, many families still take the time to carry out a dedicated shoot and get dressed up for the miniature reunion. There’s nothing like receiving a copy of the finalized images until you realize you’re not sure how to hang them properly.

If you are looking for tips on framing professional family photos, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll go over some of the benefits of having a photo shoot and give you tips on framing these amazing images properly.

The Benefits of Having a Professional Family Photo Shoot

Professional family photos represent a small investment that will capture your most precious memories for years to come. Here are some of the main benefits of getting a professional shoot.

Ensure Great Shots

The most obvious and important part of getting a photoshoot done is that you’ll ensure great pictures for your house. Whether it’s an empty space in the dining room or the area above the television, you can now create the perfect images that remind your family of the importance of unity.

Preserve Memories in the Best Possible Way

The human memory fades over time, but professional photos that are printed on quality paper can last for generations to come. You’ll be surprised at the memories that will come rushing back when you reminisce over these photos some time from now!

It’s a Fun Family Activity!

Family photo shoots can be anything you want them to be, so why not transform them into a fun and entertaining activity for your family. Try out different outfits, play around with the locations, and layout snacks so your troops stay energetic through the whole session.

How to Frame Your Professional Family Photos

There’s no denying that professional photographs are much nicer than your average digital picture. Here are some tips to help you frame your awesome family pictures.

Choose the Right Area

While the frame is important, the first step is to choose the wall where you want to hang the picture. This will give you an idea of the size, general colour, texture, and finish you can opt for. Plus, you should also pay attention to the way the colour of the wall affects your picture and frame choice.

Narrow Down the Photos

Chances are you have more than one favourite picture. In these cases, you should narrow down your options to a maximum of three so you are left with just a few choices. Once you start looking at frames, you should be able to discard one or two pictures that don’t match your preferred choice.

Opt for Images with a Similar Palette

In some cases, you may have enough space to hang more than one picture. Creating a sequence is always a nice way to use various photographs at once. But, you have to make sure you choose images that have a similar palette.

Decide on a Frame Style

Frames come in a huge variety of sizes, tones, and textures. Choosing the best frame is largely a question of taste, so make sure you look at all your options and imagine what the picture would look like once mounted.

Mounting and Matboards

If your picture allows, choose mountings and matboards that compliment the image. This will depend on the use of white spaces in the actual photo and the frame, but you should also pay attention to the wall that will serve as a backdrop as well.

Hanging Options

There are several hanging options that you can choose from, which include wires, rings, sawtooth hangers, and anchor screws. Sawtooth hangers are ideal for lighter pieces, but if you have a large picture with a heavy frame, you may be better off with a stronger alternative.

Get Your Professional Family Pictures Framed Today!

Getting your professional family pictures framed is the best way to take advantage of your investment. Need assistance in finding a reliable framing company? Get in touch with us today and our mobile team will be glad to assist.

Author’s Bio

Alex Morrison has worked with a range of businesses giving him an in depth understanding of many different industries including house cleaning, financial support and health care. As the owner of Integral Media, he is now utilising his knowledge and experience with his rapidly increasing client portfolio to help them achieve their business goals.

Hit the Nail on the Head: The Correct Way to Hang Picture Frames


Hanging pictures and paintings on your walls is a great way to add personality to your house. Artwork allows you to make a good impression when you have guests over, not to mention the fact that you can emphasize the importance of family by putting up pictures of your loved ones.

Although paintings and pictures can help liven up a room, you also need to learn how to hang them properly. If you don’t hang them the right way, you may end up with a crooked piece of decor. Even worse, the piece may fall down and damage the picture as well as the frame.

How to Hang Picture Frames Correctly

Although it may seem simple, hanging a piece of art is a multi-step process. There are many different aspects you need to take into account before hanging up a picture.

These include the size of the painting, the type of wall, and the different hanging methods you can employ. And, you also need to look a the effect the artwork will have on the room in question.

Hanging Methods
There are several hanging methods available. Most pictures already come with a predefined option, although this can be changed in some instances. The most common types of hanging mechanisms include sawtooth hangers, wires, rings, anchor screws, and a few other less common methods.

Size and Weight
The size and weight of the painting will help define the type of hanging method you choose. Saw tooth hangers are ideal for lightweight pieces. Larger, heavier frames should be hung using wire, rings, or anchors, but keep in mind that the type of wall will also play a huge role.

Wall Types and Hardware
The majority of houses have either plaster or concrete walls. You need to keep this into consideration when putting up your artwork. Even if the anchors are secured correctly, weak walls may give in and damage the piece.

Plaster walls tend to be weaker, so be extra careful when hanging heavy frames. Concrete walls provide a secure anchor, but you’ll need a drill and masonry screws to hang your pictures.


Solo Pictures and Galleries
Depending on your personal taste, you may choose to hang a picture by itself or create a gallery of art on one of your walls. You should make the decision before you start hanging and measure the position of each piece to help visualize the final outcome. Plus, you’ll also make sure that you have enough space and that all your frames are straight.

Placement and Position
Photographs and paintings usually create an emotion, so you need to carefully think about where you’re going to hang each specific piece. Aside from choosing the right room, you should also play with the placement to see how the light and other elements affect the mood it creates.

Find the Best Frames for Your Pictures Today!
Hanging your pictures properly may take some time. But, as long as you put in the effort, you’ll be able to create the desired effect throughout your home.

If you want to find the best custom frames, contact us today and our team will be happy to help.

Author’s Bio
Alex Morrison has been a SEO Expert in Melbourne for over 10 years. In this time he has worked with a range of businesses giving him an in depth understanding of many different industries including home improvement, financial support and vehicle signage. As the owner of Integral Media he is now utilising his knowledge and experience with his rapidly increasing client portfolio to help them achieve their business goals.

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Selecting the Best Mounting and Matboard for Your Picture Frames


Choosing to hang paintings and photographs in your home isn’t as common as it used to be, thanks to social media and digital pictures which have created new ways to store images. But, having your favourite pictures on display at home is a great way to add a personal touch to your decoration.

One of the things you have to consider before hanging a picture is the matboard you’ll use. Also known as mounting, implementing a matboard can add the finishing touch and highlight the best part of an image.

That said, selecting a matboard is not always easy, especially if you’ve never done it before. There are different materials you can choose from, not to mention the variety of colours that are available.

Below, we’ll give you some tips on how to choose the best mounting for your photographs and paintings. What are the Benefits of Picture Matting?
Mounting your pictures has many aesthetic and functional benefits. The main advantage is that the matboard provides a barrier that separates the picture from the glass or acrylic glazing. A properly mounted picture will also have a sturdy backing that prevents it from warping or moving in the frame.

Matting your picture will also help draw attention to the frame or to a specific part of the image. You can even get engraved matboards that feature designs or patterns that add to the artistic value of the piece.


How to Select the Best Mounting for Your Picture Frames
There are many different elements you must keep in mind when choosing a matboard. You want it to compliment the image and frame without stealing all of the attention. At the same time, the matting you choose should serve its functional purpose and protect your picture.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right mounting for your artwork. Keep Your Personal Taste in Mind
Whether you’re decorating your home or giving a picture to someone, always keep your personal taste in mind when choosing a matboard. Your creative side can help you find a unique look that still works with your piece.

Choosing your matboard and frame at the same time is always a good idea because it allows you to express your personality through different combinations. Look at the Decoration in Your Home
In most cases, the matboard will be a prominent piece of your picture. You need to make sure the mounting on your photos matches the general decor in your house to maintain a sound theme. Choose the Right Materials
Matting can be made of paper, fabric, or alpha cellulose. Paper mats are the most common but can eventually damage the picture. Alpha cellulose mats are higher quality and help preserve pictures, making them the best choice. Follow the Same Colour Palette as the Picture
Most images have a background colour, so your matting should align with this palette to create a sense of harmony on your walls. Use Neutral Tones
Neutral tones can range from cool to warm and they usually make a great call as matboard colours. While these may not necessarily appear in the picture’s background, they make a great choice if you want to create contrast or avoid wild hues. Create High-Contrast When Necessary
Creating contrast within your pictures can add to the appeal of some pieces. This is especially true if the frame and background are the same tones. By adding a contrasting matboard, you can help focus certain parts and create a symmetric feeling.


Find the Ideal Matboards for Your Artwork
Finding the best matboard for your pictures is not always straightforward. The tips above should help you find the best mounting and increase the visual appeal of your home.

Author’s Bio
Kym Wallis, the founding director of Higher Ranking has over 15 years of advertising sales, digital strategy, and business development experience. He is currently working as Digital Adviser for Colourtech.

Difference Between Canvas Stretching to Floating Frame

Got confused or undecided on how to get your prints or paintings done? Keep thinking on how you make it more presentable and attractive, shall I go for canvas stretching or have it on a floating frame?
Here’s for you to know what could be better.

People nowadays prefer to have paintings as their main decoration in houses, restaurants, hotels or even cafes. Paintings can relieve stress by just looking at it, they aren’t living things but they can take out stress from individuals. However, we can’t just have a painting in a piece of art paper or any other materials we can put our paintings on, we can’t leave them like that. Most of us loves to showcase our talents in arts by putting them on walls, we love to share and expose them to people. But the question is “how?” We have choices, right? What could be better? Now, Fantastic Framing will give you tips on how you can do it, whether you want it on a canvas stretching or floating frame. Canvas Stretch vs. Floating Frame

The main purpose of canvas stretching is to have your artwork preserved and prepare it for framing, but you can leave it that way too. Some of us usually have it in a canvas stretched only cause it’s more affordable and easier to do. If you also want to have the job done by a professional framer that’s a lot easier too.
Is there any way I can do it by myself?
Absolutely yes! You can make your own stretchers in your own way, I know most of us want to learn or do jobs by themselves cause it’s more unique and can build self-learning process (depends on a willingness to learn) you can create more out of it without waiting for how many days to get your artworks back when having it done by a professional framer. However, most of us are really busy at work or going on a vacation and don’t have much time for that. You can always count on a professional one and leave your artworks done by them it’s more convenient and less hassle because you are not going to buy any materials anymore, the only thing you can do is to give your artworks to them and they will deliver it back as soon as it’s ready or done.
Is there a possibility I can enhance my stretched canvas and have it framed?
Yes, there is! this is what we called Floating Frame. Enhancing canvas is more durable and effective way in preserving artworks. Because of the frame that secures the canvas, Floating frame is not the same as regular frames we have at home because floating frames are not using glass unlike the regular once. Although having your canvas put in a floating frame is more expensive but I can guarantee that it’s worth it. They called this as floating frame because of the illusion they create, when you see a painting on a floating frame it will really show as the painting floating inside on it. But for this one, I can suggest that you have to get this done by a professional framer as they have complete materials for it. This is really perfect as gift ideas too. Here are sample pictures of Canvas Stretching and Floating Frames Canvas Stretching


Floating Frames


What is Jersey Framing

Each year we receive a lot of calls about Jersey framing and since Fantastic Framing is offering jersey framing we help our customers to frame memorabilias from their favorite players or their own jerseys. Some would like to keep their jersey good as new. They don’t want to store it in their closet.They want to have it visible or make it as a home decor.

In Fantastic Framing we make sure that your jerseys will be taken care of, and expectations are fantastic. Customers are loving our creations and we are gaining more customers cause we are making sure that customers can afford our works and we have the cheapest jersey framings. Process in Making Jersey Frame
Layout and Folding
We always ask our customers what will be the output they want. Frame
Choosing the best frames that customer would like , well of course we will ask them what kind of frames they want for their jersey. Materials
High quality materials would really create a very nice masterpiece that our customer will surely love. Mounting
Having the jersey mounted to a specific frame, we make sure that it will be installed as clean as possible. Meaning you won’t be seeing any staples, adhesive or any materials that may damage your jersey. We use foam that has the same size of your jersey. Plaque
We can also put the name of the team,year in a piece of metal to make your frame more interesting and detailed and informative. Background
If you want to make your jersey frame more attractive we can also put background colors just the way you want. Here are samples of our Jersey Framing

imgpsh_fullsize (1)
imgpsh_fullsize (2)

What is Floating Frames

Floating Picture Frame
Why to frame your canvas or piece of art with floating frame?

Framing a photograph or piece of art is almost as important to the display as the image itself. While the actual picture is what you want to display, without a good frame, the art will not be shown to its best advantage. A type of frame that is gaining popularity for its unique look is the canvas floater frame.

Floating Frames are used for works of art that are painted or printed on a canvas. A Floating Frame provides extra space around the canvas and can make it seem like the artwork is floating, hence the name. The floater frame provides a very safe space for the picture housed inside it and often compliments the artwork by adding a three-dimensional feel.

Features of Floating Frames:

Fantastic Framing floating picture frames provide a clean, attractive, sufficient & inexpensive way to frame your picture or artworks.
We also use the finest kind of wood like pine wood to help us provide a good quality floating frames.
Customized profiles can be made to get your specific framing requirements.
We have different colors to choose for our floating frames , we have white, oak, black and more

Materials for Floating Frames

Floater Frame
Canvas ( Painting/Print )
Clips and Screws
Hanging Kits ( wire, wire hoops, foam pads, wall hooks )

If you want to order these fantastic kind of frames and artworks please visit our website

Set up your free meeting today to get an advise for your art work

If you have any more questions or advise that you need to get on floating frame do not hesitate to contact us

Thanks for having the time to read this blog

All About Frames and Mats

Finding the right piece of art can be a lot of effort, but there is no greater pleasure than finding art that truly resonates with you. If you are lucky enough to find a piece of art that speaks to you, it can be a little too easy to overlook some of the smaller details, such as the frame or mat that you will use for your piece.

However, if you take a little bit more time to find a frame or mat that fits the piece just right, the art will feel more complete. This post hopes to help you find the right frame and mat for your art, once you have found that special piece.

picture frames sydney

Frames have long been used as a way to create a physical barrier between a piece of art and the outside world. With that said, a good frame should be able to complement the art in such a way that it becomes a part of the piece itself.

Traditionally, the style or period of frame that you use will match the period of the art being framed. If it is a Victorian piece of art, for example, a Victorian frame is the perfect pairing. Another example is that a family portrait is normally associated with a smoothed wooden frame with golden trim or gold leaf.

Frames come in a variety of shapes and styles, but one of the most defining features is the type of materials used. More often than not, a frame will be made from some type of wood. Some of the more popular types of wood to use are maple, oak, walnut and cherry, as they all have a unique colour and pattern.

Mats are used for paper artwork instead of canvas, and is perfectly suited to watercolour paintings, prints and sketches. Mats are visible around the edges of the artwork, and are made in a wide variety of colours, styles and materials. Double-matting is a great method of using two mats of different colours to complement the artwork.

Mats are available in three forms – paper, alpha-cellulose and rag mats. Paper mats are the least expensive of the three, but over time the edges will start to deteriorate and turn brown. Alpha-cellulose mats use wood pulp that eliminate the acids found in paper mats that are responsible for deteriorating the art. They are still susceptible to damage over time, though. Finally, rag mats are naturally acid free as they are made from cotton. This type of mat is the gold standard and should never deteriorate, but it does cost a little more.