Picture Framing Guide

Upload an image

Image file accepted are jpg, tif, png, gif, pdf, or webp file here (max 64 mb). you can either drag and drop your image or click select to select the image from your device. For images larger than 64mb that are needed for high quality large printing please use a smaller image size for the illustration and at checkout -> customer notes -> add a link to download the original large size image, you can use google drive or dropbox to upload your image for sharing with us the link. In addition please add a short explanation.

Recommended image quality for printing is at least 120 pixel per cm or 360 dpi (dots per inch), our system is set to allow minimum printing quality of 60 pixel per cm or 180 dpi, means that the largest size option shown after uploading your image is at half the recommended quality (60 pixel per cm). So we recommend to choose half that size available for best printing quality.


You can adjust the size of your image using the range slider or by inputting the required size. If the size is small or bigger than the image a cropping rectangle will appear for you to select the area you want to print. The max size is set relative to the quality of the image uploaded, using a 60 pixel per cm. for best quality of printing we recommend to choose maximum of half the size available. You can choose even bigger size than the available but please note the quality of printing will be affected significantly as we already allow up to half the recommended printing quality to be selected.

Recommended image quality for printing is at least 120 pixel per cm or 360 dpi (dots per inch), our system is set to allow minimum printing quality of 60 pixel per cm or 180 dpi, means that the largest size option shown after uploading your image is at half the recommended quality (60 pixel per cm). So we recommend to choose half that size available for best printing quality.

Choosing the right option

After selecting either print + frame or only frame you will have few print/ frame options to select from, please select the relevant option for art base type (paper / canvas) and preferred option:

Print + frame options:
  • Print only
  • Canvas print & stretch
  • Canvas print & frame
  • Print & frame with matboard and glass
Frame only (for your existing art):
  • Frame your canvas art
  • Frame your paper art
  • Mat only


We offer 3 printing qualities for paper and 1 printing option for canvas.

Paper printing options are:

  • Semi gloss luster
  • Gloss (metallic)
  • Archival mat finish 310 GSM

Canvas Printing:

  • Cotton Canvas 380 GSM

To choose the printing option for paper please click on the drop down selector and choose your preferred option.

Framing options

To choose the frame please click on the frame name, the pencil icon or the choose link. A left side menu bar will load with all available framing options, you can use the search bar to search for frame colour (such as black white etc) style (such as Box , Flat ,Ornate etc.) size (such as 20w for 20mm wide or 40h for 40mm high frame profile) or use the frame code t locate the specific frame. If you would like to see all our frame on a single page please go to catalogue choose you desired frame and come back and search for the specific frame code. You can also use the predefined blue search buttons under the search bar.

Frame name includes the frame colour, style, size and frame code.

The frame sizes are in mm.  w - width    x    h - height    x    rh - rebate height

after choosing the frame you can see the frame profile and specification at the bottom, you can click to enlarge the image.

On mobile when the menu bar is open you have 2 scrolling areas, so if you cant see all the frame options please scroll your finger up or down on the right side of the screen (outside of the frame menu bar).


Matboard is a paper based board used in picture framing as a border between the art/print and the frame by cutting a window in the matboard for the art/print. Matboard enhance the art/print by creating a border  between the art/print and the frame that help focus the attention to the artwork. You can select to add a single, double or triple matboard. Select the matboard colour by clicking the matboard name, pencil icon or the choose button next to it, and adjust the matboards width using the dropdown selector.


V-groove is a grove cut into the matboard around around the opening at the inner side do the matboard, it add an elegant element to the matboard.

Spacer - Shadow Box Effect

Adding a spacer to a box frame create the shadow box effect, where the artwork is  not mounted flash with the glass, instead there is a gap between the glass and the artwork, this is a great effect to add depth to the frame and artwork and also commonly used with artworks and items framed that are 3d and not flat. Please note: Adding a spacer is only possible with box frames, for adding the spacer the frame need to have a minimum rh (Rebate hight) of 30mm. Please check on the frame name if it is classified as a box frame or check the rh size of the frame before adding the spacer to your order.


We offer a range of glass options to select from:

  • Normal Glass
  • Non-Reflective Glass
  • UV Clear Glass
  • Clear Perspex
  • Museum UV Non-Reflective Glass

Museum UV Non-Reflective Glass Information:

This glass is specially made to protect artwork and memorabilia from the elements including the damaging UV light rays, blocks 70% UV light while having a less than 1% light reflection. Highly recommended for high value artwork, photos and memorabilia as this glass will keep them safe. In addition one of the best benefit of this glass is that the museum glass is nearly invisible and do not distort the colour of the art work so you can enjoy the true colour of your artwork.

» Less than 1% reflection

» Protect artwork & signatures

» Easy to maintain and clean

» True neutral colours

» 2-3mm thickness


For canvas art we have 2 framing styles you can select from canvas stretch and canvas stretch with frame around it.

Canvas stretch

The canvas art/print is stretched over a wooden stretch bar and stapled at the back securing it to the stretch bar. we offer 2 stretch bar profile options:

  • Regular 0.75in (19mm) thick
  • Gallery 1.5in (38mm) thick 

We recommend for all art sizes above the length/width of 50cm to use only the Gallery 1.5in (38mm) thick.

Canvas stretch and frame

Most recommended frame for canvas art are the floating frames, floating frame is a thin frame surrounding the canvas stretch with a space of 0.5-1 cm between the frame and canvas stretch creating an effect of the canvas looking like it is floating in the frame, this effect also show the canvas stretch while adding a nice finish frame around it.


All other frames can be also used on a canvas covering the canvas stretch. Please note canvas frames do not have a glass or backing.

Frame backing

Frame backing is made out of foam core and you can choose if you like your print/art to be glued to the backing or not glued.

Please note when selecting the adhesive Foamcore we will glue the print/art to the backing. We recommend for a better finish to have all prints/arts glued to the backing, unless the art is of a high value, then we recommend to choose non adhesive backing.

Sending us your art

If you are after framing an existing art you own you will need to send or bring your art to one of our shops, to do so when you reach checkout please select under shipping please if you prefer to bring or send the art to our shop and select your preferred shop option. If you select to send us your art a shipping fee will be added to allow us to send you back the art in the frame once finished. Shipping instructions will be displayed and emailed to you after you click confirm and pay. If you have selected to drop-off the art at our store you will have the selected store location shown at checkout and on the order under shipping.

Please use only registered post when sending us your art.

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