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Sports jersey framing is a trend that has been popular for decades. From the original NBA jersey frame to the football jersey frames of today, there is no better way to display your favourite team’s colours or to relive your glory days than with one of our stylish jersey frames. Fantastic Framing offers a variety of choices for custom frames, so you can be sure we have a design that will frame your jersey perfectly within our collection. 

Expert jersey framing is done by the professionals

Though framing a jersey may seem like a relatively easy thing to do, several steps go into creating jersey frames that will last a lifetime on your wall and keep the original material safe from the decay caused by time and other external factors. 

  • Choosing the right frame — A jersey frame should be manufactured from specific materials to ensure the longevity of the memento inside.  
  • Folding and display — The same as a photo displayed in a picture frame, your jersey should be laid out in a way that best showcases the patches and insignia without rumples or crinkles to ruin the finished effect.
  • Mounting — Often taken care of by professional framers, the mounting inside of a football or basketball jersey frame provides a 3D effect in a shadow box style frame that gives the most professional finished look. 

How to get a football, basketball or baseball jersey frame

When you choose to work with Fantastic Framing to take care of your sports memorabilia, you have the option to shop with us online, visit one of our store locations or engage with our mobile framing service. You can contact us or book an appointment at any time for a free quote on our sports jersey framing services. Give your sports memorabilia the best chance and frame your jersey with Fantastic Framing today.    

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