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Brighten your space with beautiful and thought-provoking Australian Aboriginal art

Enhance and enrich your home or business with our stunning selection of Aboriginal artwork. Our Indigenous Australian artists create unique Aboriginal designs and lean on traditional Aboriginal art techniques to evoke powerful cultural symbolism in their contemporary works. The cultural significance ingrained in Aboriginal artworks makes them a great statement piece and conversation starter.

What to look for when buying Aboriginal artwork

What is it about Aboriginal art that makes it such a treasure to own? Not only is it captivating to look at with its mesmerising patterns and colours, but the deep meaning behind Aboriginal art is what contributes to its prestigious status in the art world. Aboriginal paintings convey Australia’s Indigenous people’s connection to their land, culture, language, and traditions. If you want to make sure you are supporting genuine Indigenous artists, there are features of Aboriginal art to look out for to make a sound investment:

  • Documentation — All our artworks come with a certificate of authenticity bearing the artist’s signature to ensure the artwork is genuine.
  • Materials — Our Aboriginal artworks are all 100% hand-painted using acrylic paint on canvas, significantly more durable than oil paints to provide you with better long-term investment.
  • Execution — At Fantastic Framing, our Aboriginal artworks include images of the artist holding their artwork to give you peace of mind.

Shop our Australian Aboriginal art to support genuine Indigenous artists

Buy our original Aboriginal Australian art, appraised by Art Buy, Australia’s premier online art gallery, to ensure your purchase compensates Indigenous artists for their work fairly. All our Aboriginal artworks come framed and ready to display.

Find a store near you to browse our collection in person, or conveniently view our online gallery from the comfort of your own home. Already have artwork at home but need it framed? Book an appointment for our mobile framing service and save yourself time and hassle.

Contact us with any questions you may have about our gallery of Australian Aboriginal art, its makers and our processes to safeguard their interests.

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