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Once again, the tireless work of Fantastic Framing’s founder Avi Effrat has been recognised in another corner of the media landscape. Released to the world on the 2nd of July, Avi was the special guest on the acclaimed business podcast ‘Flying Solo’.

Hosted by Cec Busy, the Flying Solo podcast is a show for those looking to start or run a one person business. Each week, the podcast features the stories of groundbreaking individuals and entrepreneurs carving out a path for themselves in the ever-evolving business world.

Within the episode, Cec and Avi discuss a wide range of topics, chronicling everything from the foundation of Fantastic Framing to the heart of our client based business model.

Flying Solo specifically noted how Avi’s “passion to deliver fast, economical, beautiful and sustainable products always puts the customer first.”

In addition, the podcast also delved into how what began as Avi’s student job eventually translated into a truly unique bespoke framing business for artists and everyday consumers alike.

To hear the episode in its entirety, simply head over to Apple Podcasts or visit the Flying Solo website episode archives now. We would like to extend our thanks to Cec and the Flying Solo podcast for highlighting the Fantastic Framing story!

Podcast feature

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