Mandatory QR Codes can work for Business

Despite a new wave of cases and restrictions across Sydney, Fantastic Framing remains strong in our commitment to supporting local artists and the art community on the whole. In an interview featured on the Sky News TV network, our owner Avi Effrat spoke with conviction, expressing the need for our team to come together and be strong in this challenging period.

“We have to adapt, this is how we can keep afloat” he stated.

When questioned on the new rules surrounding mandatory QR codes across Sydney, Avi expressed his support for the measure as a means to keep businesses open and a means to keep delivering framed artwork to the homes and businesses of everyday Australians.

“Any adaptation that we need to do, we will do. We just want to continue our passion to spread art into houses and support a lot of local artists,” he told the presenter.

Towards the end of the interview, Avi articulated his hope that the government “will act fast”, allowing us to “go back to our routine and spread our passion.” Fantastic Framing remains dedicated to our ongoing support for local artists, art galleries and anyone looking to brighten up their home with custom framed artwork.

QR Codes

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