Great Companies Interview

Over the past year, Fantastic Framing’s hard work has paid off, allowing our business to thrive in difficult circumstances. As a result, Fantastic Framing’s global awareness continues to grow. Recently, our owner and CEO Avi Efrat was approached by GreatCompanies for an interview.

Founded with the sole purpose of giving credit to “extraordinary entrepreneurs”, GreatCompanies actively seeks out dynamic businesses leading the way worldwide, delving into the story behind their success. A number of key topics were discussed throughout the interview, from Fantastic Framing’s origins, to what makes our Australia wide service so unique and much more.

Speaking to GreatCompanies, Avi acknowledged that although founding the business was “risky” it was all “worth it”, proudly stating that “now we are the only company who is doing this kind of service.”

When asked ‘Why should one choose you over others in this field?’, Avi highlighted the nature of our agile customer focused service.

“We provide more options to our clients, we let them decide what they want, and we also give our clients affordable prices,” he said.

Read the interview in its entirety here.

From everyone at Fantastic Framing, we would like to thank GreatCompanies for featuring our story!

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