Expert Craftsmanship: Custom Framing Services

Have you ever had a special piece of art or a photograph you wanted to cherish by framing and displaying it? If you have, then custom framing services are exactly what you’re looking for.

Learn more about custom picture frames, why they’re great and why it’s best to get custom framing services to display your cherished art or photo in.

The benefits of custom picture frames

Whether you’re an artist, photographer or simply someone who values their budding art collection and memories, custom framing services will help you display and treasure your pieces for many years.

Here are the benefits of using a custom picture frame:

  • Preservation — Professional custom framing services use archival materials that shield your art and photos from harmful elements such as dust, moisture and UV rays. This allows you to display them anywhere while safeguarding your art and photos to ensure they remain vivid and unweathered.
  • Personalisation — You can customise the frames to reflect the unique qualities of your art and pictures. You also have the advantage of creating a custom picture frame that suits a particular interior design style with the specific mounting option you prefer.
  • Enhancement — A well-chosen frame elevates the impact of the art or photo it holds. It can draw attention to the details, colours and emotions, which enhance the viewer’s experience and imprints a stronger, lasting impression.
  • Storytelling — Finally, professional custom framing services can help you encapsulate the story behind each piece. This is especially important for artists organising a display but is also a valuable benefit for people who want to create a harmonious interior in their homes.

Why you should get custom framing services

Instead of scouring stores for a frame that may or may not fit precisely, you can employ a custom framing service and enjoy these professional differences:

  • Perfectly tailored frames — Instead of ready-made frames designed with a one-size-fits-all approach, you can get a perfectly sized frame that matches your artwork or photo. You can also choose the colour, design and frame material, making it the perfect piece to display or gift to someone special.
  • Expert craftsmanship — Custom framing services are accomplished by professionals with years of experience and the know-how to select the right materials, matting and mounting techniques that best complement your artwork. They know how to handle art and photos properly, reducing the risk of damage a ready-made frame may cause due to incorrect dimensions or materials. 
  • Better preservation — Professional custom framing services have access to higher-quality archival materials specifically designed to preserve art and photos. Along with their expert skills, your art or personal photographs are sure to last a long time, protected from harsh lights, dust and moisture.
  • Design flexibility — Enjoy complete creative control with your custom picture frames. Choose everything for your custom frame, from the matting to mounting options, to enhance the visual impact of your art, no matter its size or shape.

Your art and memories are worth investing in — both emotionally and monetarily. Professional custom framing services add value to your pieces and also acknowledge your time, effort and sentiment created and found in your art or photographs. By investing in custom frames, you invest in your art.

Try Fantastic Framing — professional custom framing services 

Create meaningful art and gifts with Fantastic Framing’s custom framing services. Whether it’s a sentimental photo, a unique piece of art or an important certificate, we will expertly frame your piece to perfection.

With an extensive collection of custom picture frames to choose from, we’re sure to have the style of frame that fits your personal tastes and preferences. Contact us now for any queries and to enjoy same-day custom picture framing in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

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