Founder of Fantastic Framing, Avi Efrat, On Ask Kochie

Ask Kochie is an online video series about starting, growing, and scaling businesses. It is a show hosted by Kochie’s Business Builders, the number one destination for resources, news, inspiration, and features for small businesses.

People come on the show to get answers on the different ways they can grow their businesses. In one of their recent edition, titled how to be more sustainable, Avi Efrat, the Founder of Fantastic Framing, came on the show to ask a question.

Fantastic Framing is Australia’s leading mobile picture framing company. They have nine stores across Australia, which is a big deal considering that Avi Efrat only started the business to pay his way through school. Fantastic Framing believes in saving time by bringing the framing to you. They make it easier to get your picture framed.

Now the business does more than framing. They send thousands of artwork every month, making them one of the most trusted and profitable framing businesses. Avi came on Ask Kochie to ask how they, as a business with this amount of success, can be more sustainable and green.

Kochie described the question as great because many retailers and business owners are going through the same process. Like Fantastic Framing, many retailers want to know how they can be more sustainable.

Daniel, the speaker at the show, said there were many ways a business could be more sustainable. He advised that this business should find a framework. Many companies have created frameworks on how to improve sustainability; all businesses have to do is find these frameworks and use them to define how they can be more sustainable.

Companies like APCO, B corp, and Cradle to Cradle all have amazing sustainability roadmaps that will take businesses on a journey to what it truly means to be sustainable. Daniel believes that true sustainability goes beyond claiming to be carbon neutral. It also involves the impact business processes make on the environment, which can get complicated. He says it is a good idea to start with a framework. Now whether the business decides to create their framework or build on an already made framework is up to them.

Avi Efrat of Fantastic Framing asked a question that has been on the mind of many businesses. This just goes to show how dedicated Fantastic Framing is to growing a business that makes a difference.

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