NFT Picture Frame

NFT Picture Frame Display

Tokenframe has designed a digital photo frame for NFT display. Bring your NFT artwork to life by displaying your digital artwork in your home or office using a digital picture frame.

What is NFT?

First, let’s define NFT, which stands for non-fungible token. These tokens are usually associated with digital artwork like images, videos, or music and can exchange with currency. NFTs are non-interchangeable pieces of data, and ownership of NFTs appear on a digital ledger.

The digital content officially appears on cryptocurrency blockchains. Ethereum is currently the primary cryptocurrency used to authenticate digital artworks.

What is the Point of NFT?

NFTs providing ownership of a digital content and therefore the ability of easily buying and selling digital content.

What is an

NFT Picture Frame?

NFT picture frames are the way of the future and add elegance and style to your NFT display. These digital frames feature borders of classically stylish wood to add a classic finish to your digital artwork. Mount your non-fungible token display as an attractive decoration to any home or office interior.

Rotate your Tokenframe 90 degrees to switch the display orientation from portrait to landscape, similar to your smartphone. Each digital picture frame includes a rotating wall mount to make this easier. You will never have to remove the frame to switch its orientation.

Each frame also includes custom software, stereo speakers, and headphone/speaker ports.

A digital picture frame gives a new and exciting art form a traditional finish. Soon, art galleries will display entire NFT collections on our digital photo frames. Tokenframe is aiding the renaissance created by the already growing NFT community and offering a superior method of NFT display.

How Does Tokenframe Work?

First, simply plug in your Tokenframe and scan your QR code to connect it. Next, pull up your NFT wallet and cast your NFT onto the frame. Simple and easy.
You can also connect multiple digital frames around your home and display your NFT collection.

Using the Tokenframe App

The Tokenframe app integrates WalletConnect, Metamask, and Formatic. You may sign in to any of these to access your NFT wallet. Sign into WalletConnect, Metamask, or Formatic to access your NFT gallery.

Our app is compatible with Trezor or Ledger using Metatask on your PC. You can cast your NFTs to any digital picture frame connected to the app. You can also customize the fit or size of the art on the display and control volume, brightness, and WiFi settings. You can also use the app to power the frame on or off.

You can even create a customized slideshow of your crypto art. You can decide the order of images and how often you’d like each image to show before switching to another. Timing settings may range from one minute to one hour.

Why You Should Display Your NFT

NFT displays are changing the way we sell, buy, and display art in the future. Digital artwork is highly innovative and technologically advanced. It represents the height of our artistic and technological achievements and blends them in an exciting, ethical manner.

NFTs also support artists and protect their rights to their creative property by limiting opportunities for unauthorized trading. NFT displays are limited to those who’ve paid for the right to display the art. By buying and displaying your digital artworks, you show your appreciation for the art and artist.

Authenticity is our top priority, so we must verify that the user owns all digital artworks.

4 Frame Options

White Frame

Black Frame

Mahogany Frame

Birch Frame

Tokenframe App

Rotating Mount & Automatic Orientation

Where Can I Buy an NFT Picture Frame?

Visit Tokenframe website to browse the current collection of digital picture frames and start your NFT digital display today. Tokenframe accept both cryptocurrency and credit card payments.

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