Canvas Stretching

Canvas Stretching

Stretch Your Canvas Art

From $32.00

If you ask any artist they will all tell you the same thing; there’s nothing better than painting on a stretched canvas. The issue is however that professionally stretched and primed canvases can be quite expensive, meaning they are usually only reserved for serious works. At Fantastic Framing we like to level the playing field by offering cheap canvas stretching for Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth based artists.

Stretching canvas is a task that requires experienced skills and specialist equipment. Without the proper care and attention the canvas could lose its shape and significantly degrade any image that has been painted over the top of it. This is why it’s important that a professional prepare and stretch your canvas so that any artwork created will retain its brilliance and last for decades.

One of the best aspects of our canvas stretching in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth is our versatility. We can create you a canvas in any size or shape, allowing you the creative freedom to make works outside of the regular dimensions.

If you would like to request a free quote to learn exactly what your canvas stretching price will be, then simply contact us today. One of our friendly staff will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements and how we can help.

We also offer same day custom picture framing, in CBD, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

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