Where to From Here?

Following a growing number of Covid outbreaks across Sydney, the NSW government announced the beginning of a two week lockdown on June 27. The operations of many small businesses, including ours, have been affected by the new restrictions and stay at home measures. With 7 stores operating across the country, we, like many others, are bracing for significant losses.

In a recent ABC radio exploration of recently announced government grants and the effects to small business, Fantastic Framing’s owner and founder Avi was featured in the program.

“There is a bit of uncertainty, it is creating an uncomfortable feeling across the community,” Avi told the ABC.

Despite an expected loss of up to $100,000 in revenue, the growing trend of people purchasing artwork for their homes during Covid has allowed Fantastic Framing to survive through challenging times.

“The lucky part is that during Covid people actually bought more artwork, this is what I think ultimately saved us.”

Throughout the interview Avi spoke passionately about our ongoing love for framing, “It’s an amazing thing to do. Our mission is not to leave empty or blank walls, when I see a blank wall I don’t like it, I want to see something on it.”

Finally, on the subject of the need for Australians to get vaccinated, Avi articulated his desire for “people to get vaccinated as soon as they can”, highlighting the success of other countries where “everything is open, there is no more lockdowns…the big question is why didn’t we do it before?” Once again, Fantastic Framing would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the ABC for featuring our business and our story!


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