SBS Interview: Survive and Thrive during Lockdown

How can a business survive the challenges of lockdown?

For Fantastic Framing, the answer was adaption.

Recently, Avi Efrat had the pleasure of stopping by the SBS Hebrew radio program for an interview with Nitza Lowenstein. Throughout the interview, Avi and Nitza discussed the unique approach of Fantastic Framing during this challenging period.

In particular, Avi (our owner and founder) details how the 2021 Covid lockdowns across Australia pushed Fantastic Framing to thrive, survive and take the business to the next level. With businesses now operating across Australia, restrictions on movement, in person sales and logistics all loomed as serious threats. In particular, large operations in Melbourne and Sydney faced unseen challenges.

By adopting a proactive approach, however, Avi and the entire team have surfaced from the lockdowns with new knowledge and a new outlook for the future. Maintaining our commitment to local artists, galleries and lovers of art alike, we strive to continue on and on.

To listen to the full interview on SBS click here

For all of our Hebrew fluent customers and supporters, the full interview can be found here.

Listen and enjoy! Thanks to SBS Hebrew for the chance to share our story!

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