SBS Food Feature: How family dinner brought us together during lockdown

“The dinner table is a place where I feel relaxed and loved. It is the place that gives me the power and motivation to keep going during lockdown and continue to the next day.”

As many of us in Victoria and NSW now know very well, adjusting to life lockdown wasn’t easy. As everyone began to find their feet and different daily routines, Avi and his family rediscovered a love for food. Despite the hard times, family mealtimes were a constant, a time for everyone to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

 “You can just smell the aroma of the food travelling throughout the house. The energy is so nice and warm,” he told SBS Australia.

Although family dinners offered some solace, Avi also acknowledged that “working from home is no party” as Fantastic Framing “temporarily shut down six shopfronts throughout Greater Sydney due to COVID-19, resulting in lost revenue of at least AU$200,000.

As a result of ongoing restrictions, Friday night Shabbat dinners at the Efrat household were also affected. However, Avi’s mindset continues to remain strong.

“What’s going on now is affecting me just like it’s affecting everyone. We want to get out of this situation. But when we sit at the dinner table, I am reminded how my heart gets filled with the gathering of family over food.”

Check out the full SBS Food article here.

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