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Pop Art

Pop art is one of the most famous kind of artworks in the world, it consists of cultural arts and modern designs. Pop art is a traditional way of fine arts including images from popular comic books, advertising ads and cultural objects. Most pop arts are faces of famous artists or icons from decades. They also make pop arts from a reactions and interpretations, it commonly uses abstract expressions. It can be also used for doing logos that is best for advertising and product labeling, you can even use them as a labeling art on the outside of a shipping box. The best place to put this famous painting is in the living room.
As time goes by painters go trendy and follow the new generations. Pop arts in today is leveling up to abstract kind of painting which they called it Modem Pop Arts. Modern pop art consists of abstract and collages, some of painters still uses famous icons but they tend to make it trendier and newer to look at.

When was the Pop Art started

Pop art began in 1950s however it became famous in 1960s, pop art started in UK and true movement in NYC with famous artists like Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns.

What are the characteristics of Pop Art

Most pop arts use images and famous icons in the modern world including celebrities, singers, movie stars and most especially rock stars. It can be used for commercial items as mentioned above.

Examples of Pop Art

Eight Elvises (Andy Warhol)

Eight Elvises that uses a picture of Elvis Presley who’s pulling a pistol and aiming it through the viewers like gunslinger from Wild West.


Drowning Girl (Roy Lichtenstein)

This artwork is made as it is like a scene in a comic book. Girl is drowning and yells “I don’t care! I’d Rather sink than call Brad for Help!”


Three Flags (Jasper Johns)

This artwork consists of pictures of American Flag, he paints three flags on top of each other when each flag appears closer to the public viewers but gets smaller too.


Examples of Modern Pop Art