Contributing to the Online Art Boom

When the pandemic first took hold in early 2020, initial forecasts for countless local industries were dire. Many began to fear the worst. The online art industry, however, has experienced a significant boom, one that we at Fantastic Framing have worked tirelessly to support.

Featured in a new Retail Biz Australia article by Emily Bencic titled ‘Online art industry experiences sales boom’, Fantastic Framing was specifically highlighted as a business at the forefront of this movement.

As noted by Emily, many people are spending more time at home than ever before, seeking to add new and dynamic art pieces to their properties. Prioritising the artists we collaborate with (providing 40% of the framing costs), Fantastic Framing has experienced a “growth of close to 110% with about 70% of the growth from the sale of original artworks.

An image of our owner Avi and staff member Moriel proudly holding up a framed piece of artwork was also included as the signature image at the top of the Retail Biz feature. Alongside Fantastic Framing, the article also showcased the brilliant work of the now booming online art gallery Bluethumb.

We look forward to continuing our effort and commitments to high quality framing, aiming to service artists and art lovers throughout Australia for 2021 and beyond. A big thank you to Retail Biz for acknowledging our work!

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