4 Cool Ways to Frame Your Holiday Photos

pic1 The best part about travelling is taking in the sights and immersing yourself in a new culture. Naturally, you want to take photos to capture those moments. That way you can relive those moments each time you look at them and even have amazing stories to share when you have guests over.


You have selected a few of your favorite photos from your most recent holiday and had them professionally printed. Instead of simply putting them in a photo album, why not frame them instead? Framing personal items like holiday photos lets you easily hang them on the wall and protects against damage. It also adds a more personal touch to any part of your home.


If you are looking for creative ideas on framing your photos, you won’t have to look any further. Here are cool ways to frame your holiday photos.

Put Them in Floating Frames

One of the best ways to showcase your holiday photos is to put them in floating frames. These unique frames are named because the extra space between the canvas and the frame gives the impression that your photos are “floating”. The effect gives it a more museum-quality appeal.


The floating frames themselves can be made of wood or metal depending on your aesthetic purposes. They also come in different sizes to house the photo inside it.

Have them Custom Framed

Ready-made frames are convenient for a number of reasons – They are available in an array of sizes and you can typically pick them up from any photo store. But what if you can’t find the exact style or the correct size you want? You would have to compromise or cut your photos to fit the frame.


Ready-made frames limit your options. A much better alternative is to have your precious holiday photos custom framed. That enables you to get the exact look you want without having to make compromises. Another added benefit of custom picture framing is that you can personalise each one to complement your space.

Make a Photo Collage

You only have so much wall space to display your holiday photos. But sometimes it can be difficult to pick a few photos to frame, especially when you have dozens of them that each capture special moments.


Creating a photo collage offers the perfect solution. Instead of limiting yourself to framing one photo, you can make a collage that brings together different photos. Then you can have a custom frame made for it so you can reflect on those moments each time you look at it.

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are simple way to add style and personality to any space. They are also a great way to beautifully showcase your holiday photos. The frames you use don’t have to be the same size or materials. Instead, use frames of different sizes and materials to create an eye-catching gallery wall


You can also try experimenting with rearranging the frames to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. Something else to consider is the decor of your home. If you have white walls, then using frames made of traditional wood or modern metal can help your photos stand out even more.

Get Your Holiday Photos Framed Today

Cherish your holiday photos by having them professionally framed. If you are looking for a reliable framing company, we have you covered. Get in touch with us today for mobile picture framing solutions that are delivered straight to your home.

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